Pinzetten von höchster Güte und Qualität

  • Design
    • Extraordinary design due
      to a user-friendly size and
      its corrugated grip holes.
  • Function
    • The corrugated grip holes guarantee an outstanding handling of each of the forceps and an optimal user comfort. The ergonomic shape is optimal in regard to its size, weight and performance.
  • Quality
    • All parts are manufactured from the highest quality stainless acid-resistant surgery steel and can be disinfected with acids. Thanks to the steel quality and its finish the forceps do not slacken and keep its flexibility and tension for years. Every product will be numerically sharpened and polished. Nothing in it is been nickel nor chromeplated. Each product is been manufactured and monitored individually under the microscope.
  • Progress


    • TIFALL Tweezers Progress:
      Tweezers with slanted/pointed function for ingrown hairs. With the sharp side as the ingrown hairs will be covered, gently plucked with the sloping side.
      PZN: 8881129
      EAN/UPC: 4250308741259

  • Classic


    • TIFALL Tweezers Classic:
      The slanted tip tweezers is perfect for easy plucking of hairs along with the root. The special design prevents crushing or cutting the hair.
      PZN: 8881106
      EAN/UPC: 4250308741242

  • Universal


    • TIFALL Tweezers Universal:
      The traditional all round tweezers with straight and narrow head tweezers.
      PZN: 8881112
      EAN/UPC: 4250308741280

  • Splinter


    • TIFALL Tweezers Splinter:
      The tweezers with the highly precise point is suitable for the proper removal of splinters, thorns and ingrown hairs.
      PZN: 8881141
      EAN/UPC: 4250308741273

  • Sliver


    • TIFALL Tweezers Sliver:
      Tweezers for hair removal.
      PZN: 8881135
      EAN/UPC: 4250308741266